Alan Jon Fortney

The Purpose

Alan Fortney passed away on June 21 from a brief illness. He has completed his Warrior Journey so that he is faced death without fear. These pages are devoted to his memory.

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En route for sailing

Together in California

On the Winooski

Winter Shoveling

Birthday Gifts


Christmas Dinner

Reading in the Winter

Hoodie with design by Kendall

High School Graduation

Botanical Garden

Cousins in California

Alan, Francine and Bernard in Burlington

Fortney Family Reunion

Christmas in California

Dana Point

Balloon Festival in Shelburne

Nerf War!

On Steven's Back Porch, Stoughton

Alan and Steven

The Boys, Anita and their Mother

Alan, Anita and Steven

Steven & Ruth's Family with Alan and Jill in Stoughton

The Teepee in Steven's Backyard

Bringing Lucky Home

Maria Jackson and partner Bryant visit

December 1962

Wedding Day 1980

Alan and Greg Bianca

Alan and Sensei Joe Gilbert

Jill's Birthday the Day Before